By-election results from 2010 to 2015

The tables below show results for all UK by-elections held for seats at Westminster since the 2010 general election. A chart showing by-election turnout is also available.

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Rochester and Strood

Held on 20th November 2014
Due to defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless
2010 Rochester and Strood general election result

Rochester and Strood by-election results 2014
  UKIP gain Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Mark Reckless Mark Reckless UKIP16,867 42.1 -
Majority - 2,920 Kelly Tolhurst Conservative 13,947 34.8 -14.4
Turnout: 50.6% Naushabah Khan Labour 6,713 16.8 -11.7
  Clive Gregory Green 1,692 4.2 +2.7
  Geoff Juby Lib Dem 349 0.87 -15.5
  Hairy Knorm Davidson Monster Loony 151 0.38 -
 Stephen Goldsborough Independent 69 0.17 
  Nick Long People Before Profit 69 0.17 
  Jayda Fransen Britian First 56 0.14  
  Mike Barker Independent 54 0.13  
  Charlotte Rose Independent 43 0.11  
  Dave Osborn Patriotic Socialist 33 0.8  
  Christopher Challis Independent 22 0.05  


Held on 9th October 2014
Due to defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Douglas Carswell
2010 Clacton general election result

Clacton by-election results 2014
  UKIP gain Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Douglas Carswell Douglas Carswell UKIP21,11359.7-
Majority - 12,404Giles Watling Conservative8,70924.6-28.4
Turnout: 51% Tim Young Labour3,95711.2-13.8
 Chris SouthallGreen6881.9+0.7
 Andrew GrahamLib Dem 4831.3-11.6
 Bruce SizerIndependent2050.6-
 Alan "Howling Laud" HopeMonster Loony 1270.4-
 Charlotte Rose Independent560.2-

Heywood and Middleton

Held on 9th October 2014
Due to the death of Jim Dobbin MP (Lab)
2010 Heywood and Middleton general election result

Heywood and Middleton by-election results 2014
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Liz McInnes Liz McInnes Labour11,63340.9+0.8
Majority - 617 John Bickley UKIP11,01638.7+36.1
Turnout: 36% Iain Gartside Conservative3,49612.3-14.9
 Anthony SmithLib Dem 1,4575.1-17.6
 Abi JacksonGreen8703.1-


Held on 5th June 2014
Due to resignation of Patrick Mercer (Independent, previously Con MP)
2010 Newark general election result

Newark by-election results 2014
  Conservative hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Robert JenrickRobert JenrickConservative17,43145.0−8.9
Majority - 7,403Roger HelmerUKIP10,02825.9+22.1
Turnout: 52.79% Michael PayneLabour6,84217.7−4.7
 Paul BaggaleyIndependent1,8914.9
 David KirwanGreen1,0572.7
 David WattsLib Dem 1,0042.6−17.4
 Nick The Flying BrickMonster Loony 1680.4
 Andy HayesIndependent1170.3
 David BishopBus-Pass Elvis870.2
 Dick RodgersCommon Good640.2
 Lee WoodsPatriotic Socialist 180.0

Wythenshawe and Sale East

Held on 13th February 2014
Due to death of Paul Goggins (Lab)
2010 Wythenshawe and Sale East general election result

Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election results 2014
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Mike Kane Mike Kane Labour13,26155.3+11.2
Majority - 8,960 John Bickley UKIP4,30118+14.5
Turnout: 28.2% Rev Daniel Critchlow Conservative3,47914.5−11
Swing:1.6% L to UKIP Mary di Mauro Lib Dem 1,1764.9−17.4
 Nigel Woodcock Green7483.1
 Eddy O'Sullivan BNP7083−0.9
 Cpt Chaplington-Smythe Monster Loony 2881.2

South Shields

Held on 2nd May 2013
Due to resignation of David Miliband (Lab)
2010 South Shields general election result

South Shields by-election results 2013
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Emma Lewell-BuckEmma Lewell-BuckLabour12,49350.4%−1.6%
Majority - 6,505 Richard Elvin UKIP5,98824.2
Turnout: 39.3% Karen Allen Conservative2,85711.5−10.1
Swing:Ahmed Khan Independent1,3315.4
 Phil Brown ISP7503
 Dorothy MacBeth BrookesBNP7112.9−3.6
 Hugh Annand Lib Dem 3521.4−12.8
 Alan Howling Laud Hope Monster Loony 1970.8
 Thomas Darwood Independent570.2

Mid Ulster

Held on 7th March 2013
Due to resignation of Martin McGuiness (SF)
2010 Mid Ulster general election result

Mid Ulster by-election results 2013
  Sinn Féin hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Francie Molloy Francie Molloy Sinn Féin 17,46246.9%−5.1%
Majority - 4,681 Nigel Lutton Independent12,78134.4%
Turnout: 55.7% Patsy McGlone SDLP6,47817.4%+3.1%
Swing:SF to Ind 3.4%Eric Bullick Alliance4871.3%+0.3%


Held on 28th February 2013
Due to resignation of Chris Huhne (LD)
2010 Eastleigh general election result

Eastleigh by-election results 2013
  Lib Dem hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Mike Thornton Mike Thornton Lib Dem 13,34232.06%−14.44%
Majority - 1,771 Diane James UKIP 11,571 27.80%+24.20%
Turnout: 52.8% Maria Hutchings Conservative10,55925.37%-13.93%
Swing:John O'Farrell Labour4,0889.82%+0.22%
LD to UKIP 19.3% Danny Stupple Independent7681.85%
 Iain MaclennanNHA3920.94%
 Ray HallBB&C2350.56%
 Kevin MilburnChristian1630.39%
 Howling Laud Hope Monster Raving 1360.33%
 Jim Duggan Peace1280.31%
 David BishopElvis Loves Pets 720.17%
 Michael WaltersEng Democrats 700.17%
 Daz ProcterTUSC620.15%
 Colin BexWessex Regionalist 300.07%

Croydon North

Held on 29th November 2012
Due to death of Malcolm Wicks (L)
2010 Croydon North general election result

Croydon North by-election results 2012
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Steve Reed Steve Reed Labour15,89864.71+8.69
Majority - 11,761 Andy Stranack Conservative4,13716.84-7.28
Turnout: 26.4% Winston McKenzie UKIP1,4005.70+3.97
Swing:Marisha Ray Lib Dem 8603.50-10.48
Con to Lab 7.99% Shasha Islam Khan Green8553.48+1.51
 Lee Jasper Respect7072.88+2.35
 Stephen Hammond CPA1920.78-
 Richard Edmonds NF1610.66-
 Ben Stevenson Comm1190.48+0.17
 John Cartwright Loony1100.45-
 Simon Lane Nine Eleven 660.26-
 Robin Smith Young630.26-


Held on 29th November 2012
Due to death of Sir Stuart Bell (L)
2010 Middlesbrough general election result

Middlesbrough by-election results 2012
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Andy McDonald Andy McDonald Labour10,20160.48+14.60
Majority - 8,211 Richard Elvin UKIP1,99011.80+8.10
Turnout: 25.91% George Selmer Lib Dem 1,6729.91-10
Swing:Ben HouchenConservative1,0636.30-12.48
UKIP to Lab 3.25% Imdad Hussain Peace1,0606.28-
 Peter Foreman BNP3281.94-3.90
 John Malcolm TUSC2771.64-
 Mark Heslehurst ND2751.63-


Held on 29th November 2012
Due to resignation of Denis MacShane following enquiry in to his expenses
2010 Rotherham general election result

Rotherham by-election results 2012
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Sarah Champion Sarah Champion Labour9,86646.25+1.62
Majority - 5,218 Jane Collins UKIP4,64821.79+15.87
Turnout: 33.63% Marlene Guest BNP1,8048.46-1.96
Swing:Yvonne Ridley Respect1,7788.34-
Lab to UKIP 7.13% Simon Wilson Conservative1,1575.42-11.32
 David Wildgoose Eng Dem 7033.30-
 Simon CopleyInd5822.73-3.58
 Michael Beckett Lib Dem 4512.11-13.87
 Ralph Dyson TUSC2611.22-
 Paul Dickson Ind510.24-
 Clint Bristow ND290.14 


Held on 15th November 2012
Due to the resignation Louise Mensch (C).
2010 Corby general election result

Corby by-election results 2012
  Labour gain Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Andy SawfordAndy SawfordLabour17,26748.41+9.71
Majority - 7,791 Christine EmmettConservative9,47626.57-15.63
Turnout: 44.65% Margot ParkerUKIP5,10814.32-
Swing:Jill HopeLib Dem 1,7704.96-9.48
Con to Lab 12.67% Gordon RiddellBNP6141.72-2.93
 David WickhamEng Dem 4321.21-
 Jonathan HornettGreen3781.06-
 Ian GillmanInd2120.59-
 Peter ReynoldsCannabis1370.38 
 David BishopElvis990.28 
 Mr MozzarellaInd730.20 
 Dr Rohen KapurYoung390.11 
 Adam LotunDem350.10 
 Chris ScottonUPP250.07 

Cardiff South and Penarth

Held on 15th November 2012
Due to the resignation of Alun Michael (L) to stand as police and crime commissioner.
2010 Cardiff South and Penarth general election result

Cardiff South and Penarth by-election results 2012
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Stephen DoughtyStephen DoughtyLabour9,19347.3+8.39
Majority - 5,334 Craig WilliamsConservative3,85919.85-8.44
Turnout: 25.65%Bablin MolikLib Dem 2,10310.82-11.44
Swing: Luke NicholasPlaid Cymru 1,8549.54+5.37
C to Lab 8.41% Simon ZeiglerUKIP1,1796.07+3.49
 Anthony SlaughterGreen8004.12+2.87
 Andrew JordanSoc Lab 2351.21-
 Robert GriffithsComm Lge 2131.10+0.65

Manchester Central

Held on 15th November 2012
Due to the resignation Tony Lloyd (L) to stand as police and crime commissioner.
2010 Manchester general election result

Manchester Central by-election results 2012
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Lucy Powell Lucy Powell Labour11,50769.12+16.38
Majority - 9,936 Marc RamsbottomLib Dem 1,5719.44-17.16
Turnout: 18.16%Matthew SephtonConservative7544.53-7.25
Swing: Chris CassidyUKIP7494.50+2.98
LD to Lab 16.77% Tom DylanGreen6523.92+1.62
 Eddy O'SullivanBNP4922.96-1.14
 Loz KayePirate3081.85-
 Alex DavidsonTUSC2201.32-
 Catherine HigginsRespect1821.09-
 Howling Laud HopeLoony780.47-
 Lee HolmesPeople's Dem 710.43-
 Peter CliffordComm Lge640.38-

Bradford West

Held on 29th March 2012
Due to the resignation for health reasons of Labour MP Marsha Singh.
2010 Bradford West general election result

Bradford West by-election results 2012
  Respect gain Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
George Galloway George Galloway Respect18,34155.89+52.83
Majority - 10,140 Imran Hussain Labour8,20124.99-20.36
Turnout: 50.78%Jackie Whiteley Conservative2,7468.37-22.78
Swing: Jeanette Sunderland Lib Dem 1,5054.59-7.08
Lab to Respect 36.59% Sonja McNally UKIP1,0853.31+1.31
 Dawud Islam Green4811.47-0.85
 Neil Craig D Nats 3441.05-
 Howling Laud Hope Loony1110.34-

Feltham and Heston

Held on 15th December 2011
Due to the death of Labour MP Alan Keen.
2010 Feltham and Heston general election result

Feltham and Heston by-election results 2011
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Seema Malhotra Seema Malhotra Labour12,63954.4+10.8
Majority - 6,203 Mark Bowen Conservative6,43627.7-6.3
Turnout: 28.8%Roger Crouch Lib Dem 1,3645.9-7.8
Swing: To Lab +8.6% Andrew Charalambous UKIP1,2765.5+3.5
 Dave Furness BNP5402.3-1.2
 Daniel Goldsmith Green4261.8+0.7
 Roger Cooper English Democrats 3221.4-
 George Hallam LPBP1280.6-
 David Bishop Bus Pass Elvis 930.4-


Held on 30th June 2011
Due to the death of Labour MP David Cairns.
2010 Inverclyde general election result

Inverclyde by-election results 2011
  Labour hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Iain McKenzie Iain McKenzie Labour15,11853.8-2.2
Majority - 5,838 Anne McLaughlin SNP 9,28033+15.5
Turnout: 45.5%David Wilson Conservative2,7849.9-2.1
Swing: Lab to SNP Sophie Bridger Lib Dem 6272.2-11.1
 Mitch Sorbie UKIP 2881-0.2

Belfast West

Held on 9th June 2011
Due to the resignation of Gerry Adams to stand for election in Ireland.
2010 Belfast West general election result

Belfast West by-election results 2011
  Sinn Féin hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Paul Maskey Paul Maskey Sinn Fein 16,21170.6-0.5
Majority - 13,123 Alex Attwood SDLP 3,08813.5-2.9
Turnout: 37.5%Gerry Carroll PBP1,7517.6-
Swing: 1.5% - Brian Kingston DUP1,3936.1-1.5
SDLP to Sinn Fein Bill Manwaring Ulster Unionist 3861.7-1.4
 Aaron McIntyre Alliance1220.5-1.4

Leicester South

Held on 5th May 2011
Due to the resignation of Sir Peter Soulsby to stand for Mayor of Leicester.
2010 Leicester South general election result

Leicester South by-election results 2011
  Lab hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Jonathon Ashworth Jonathon Ashworth Labour19,77157.8+12.2
Majority - 12,078 Zuffar Haq Liberal Democrat 7,69322.5-4.4
Turnout: 34.2%Jane Hunt Conservative5,16915.1-6.3
Swing: Abhijit Pandya UKIP9942.9+1.4
 Howling Laud Hope Loony5531.6-

Barnsley Central

Held on 3rd March 2011
Due to the resignation of Eric Illsley following conviction over parliamentary expenses.
2010 Barnsley Central general election result

Barnsley Central by-election results 2011
  Lab hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Dan JarvisDan Jarvis Labour14,72460.8+13.5
Majority - 11,771 Jane CollinsUKIP2,95312.2+7.5
Turnout: 36.5%James HockneyConservative1,9998.3-9.0
Swing: +13.3%Enis DaltonBNP1,4636.0-2.9
 Tony DevoyIndependent1,2665.2+4.6
 Dominic Carman Liberal Democrat 1,0124.2-13.1
  Kevin RiddioughEnglish Democrats 5442.2-
 Howling Laud Hope MR Loony 1980.8-
 Michael Val DaviesIndependent600.2-

Oldham East and Saddleworth

Held on 13th January 2011
Due to the courts declaring the 2010 general election result invalid.
2010 Oldham East and Saddleworth general election result

Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election results 2011
  Lab hold Candidate Party Votes % +/− %
Debbie AbrahamsDebbie Abrahams Labour14,71842.1+10.2
Majority - 3,558 Elwyn Watkins Lib Dem11,16031.9+0.3
Turnout: 48%Kashif Ali Conservative4,48112.8-13.6
Swing: 4.9% - Paul Nuttall UKIP2,0295.8+1.9
Lib Dem to LabDerek Adams BNP1,5604.5-1.2
 Peter Allen Green5301.5-
  Nick Delves MR Loony 1450.4-
 Stephen Morris English Democrats 1440.4-
 Loz Kaye Pirate960.3-
 David Bishop Bus-Pass Elvis 670.1-

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