Seats gained by Labour - general election May 1997

146 seats gained
144 from the Conservatives
2 from the Lib Dems

""Seats gained by Lib Dems

Aberdeen South 11.2 C to L Anne Begg
Amber Valley 11.7 C to L Judy Mallaber
Basildon 14.7 C to L Angela Smith
Batley & Spen 7.4 C to L Mike Wood
Battersea 10.2 C to L Martin Linton
Bedford 13 C to L Patrick Hall
Bexleyheath & Crayford 15 C to L Nigel Beard
Birmingham Edgsbaston 10 C to L Gisela Stuart
Birmingham Hall Green 14 C to L Stephen McCabe
Blackpool North & Fleetwood 14.4 C to L Joan Humble
Blackpool South 11.7 C to L Gordon Marsden
Bolton West 11.3 C to L Ruth Kelly
Braintree 12.9 C to L Alan Hurst
Brent North 18.8 C to L Barry Gardiner
Brentford & Isleworth 14.3 C to L Ann Keen
Brigg & Goole 13.9 C to L Ian Cawsey
Brighton Kemptown 13.9 C to L Desmond Turner
Brighton Pavillion 16 C to L David Lepper
Bristol West 12.1 C to L Valerie Davey
Broxtowe 12.9 C to L Nick Palmer
Burton 9.3 C to L Janet Dean
Bury North 11.2 C to L David Chaytor
Bury South 13 C to L Ivan Lewis
Calder Valley 9.5 C to L Christine McCafferty
Cardiff North 11.5 C to L Julie Morgan
Castle Point 16.9 C to L Christine Butler
Chatham & Aylesford 15.1 C to L Jonathon Shaw
Chester, City of 11.4 C to L Christine Russel
Chorley 10.6 C to L Linday Hoyle
Cleethorpes 15.1 C to L Shona McIsaac
Clwyd West 11.1 C to L Gareth Thomas
Colne Valley 10.4 C to L Kali Mountford
Conwy 9.4 C to L Betty Williams
Corby 11.3 C to L Phil Hope
Coventry South 13.5 C to L Jim Cunningham
Crawley 13.4 C to L Laura Moffat
Crosby 18.2 C to L Clare Curtos-Thomas
Croydon Central 15.5 C to L Geraint Davies
Croydon North 17.6 C to L Malcolm Wicks
Dartford 11.5 C to L Howard Stoate
Derby North 13.2 C to L Bob Laxton
Derbyshire South 13.2 C to L Mark Todd
Dover 11.6 C to L Gwyn Prosser
Dumfries 16.5 C to L Russell Brown
Ealing North 16 C to L Stephen Pound
Eastwood 14.3 C to L Jim Murphy
Edinburgh Pentlands 9.8 C to L Linda Clark
Edmonton 15.7 C to L Andy Love
Elmet 10.9 C to L Colin Burgon
Eltham 13.6 C to L Clive Efford
Enfield North 16.1 C to L Joan Ryan
Enfield Southgate 17.4 C to L Stephen Twigg
Erewash 12.1 C to L Elizabeth Blackman
Exeter 11.9 C to L Ben Bradshaw
Falmouth & Cambourne 6.4 C to L Candy Atherton
Finchley & Golders Green 15.1 C to L Rudolph Viz
Gedling 13 C to L Vernon Coaker
Gillingham 16 C to L Paul Clark
Gloucester 11.5 C to L Tess Kingham
Gravesham 10 C to L Chris Pond
Great Yarmouth 13.8 C to L Tony Wright
Halesowen & Rowley Regis 10.7 C to L Sylvia Heal
Hammersmith & Fulham 10.1 C to L Iain Coleman
Harlow 12.6 C to L Bill Rammell
Harrow East 18.1 C to L Tony McNulty
Harrow West 17.5 C to L Gareth Thomas
Harwich 14.6 C to L Ivan Henderson
Hastings & Rye 18.5 C to L Michael Foster
Hayes & Harlington 17.4 C to L John McDonnell
Hemel Hempstead 12 C to L Tony McWalter
Hendon 16.2 C to L Andrew Dismore
High Peak 11.7 C to L Tom Levitt
Hornchurch 16 C to L John Cryer
Hove 16.4 C to L Ivor Caplin
Ilford North 17.3 C to L Linda Perham
Ilford South 16.6 C to L Mike Gapes
Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber 9.9 LD to L David Stewart
Keighley 10.2 C to L Ann Cryer
Kettering 10.6 C to L Philip Sawford
Kingswood 14.5 C to L Dr Roger Berry
Lancaster & Wyre 10.6 C to L Hilton Dawson
Leeds North East 11.8 C to L Fabian Hamilton
Leeds North West 11.8 C to L Harold Best
Leicestershire North West 13.5 C to L David Taylor
Loughborough 8.9 C to L Andrew Reed
Luton North 17.2 C to L Kelvin Hopkins
Luton South 12.3 C to L Margaret Moran
Medway 14.8 C to L Robert Marshall-Andrews
Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East 11.1 C to L Dr Ashok Kumar
Milton Keynes North East 14.2 C to L Brian White
Milton Keynes South West 14.7 C to L Phyllis Starkey
Mitcham & Morden 16 C to L Siobhain McDonagh
Monmouth 7.4 C to L Huw Edwards
Morecambe & Lunesdale 16 C to L Geraldine Smith
Newark 10.2 C to L Fiona Jones
Norfolk North West 10.4 C to L Dr George Turner
Northampton North 13.2 C to L Sally Keeble
Northampton South 13.4 C to L Tony Clark
Norwich North 10.6 C to L Dr Ian Gibson
Oldham East & Saddlewoth 13.6 C to L Phil Woolas
Peterborough 13.4 C to L Helen Brinton
Plymouth Sutton 10.9 C to L Linda Gilroy
Portsmouth North 13.5 C to L Syd Rapson
Preseli Pembrokeshire 11 C to L Jackie Lawrence
Pudsey 13.8 C to L Paul Truswell
Putney 11.2 C to L Anthony Colman
Reading East 13.9 C to L Jane Griffiths
Reading West 15 C to L Martin Salter
Redditch 10.2 C to L Jacqui Smith
Ribble South 12.1 C to L David Borrow
Rochdale 4.8 LD to L Lorna Fitzsimons
Romford 15.7 C to L Eileen Gordon
Rugby & Kenilworth 10.6 C to L Andy King
St Albans 14.7 C to L Kerry Pollard
Scarborough & Whitby 14.7 C to L Lawrence Quinn
Selby 11.1 C to L John Grogan
Shipley 13.8 C to L Christpher Leslie
Shrewsbury & Atcham 11.4 C to L Paul Marsden
Sittingbourne & Sheppey 14.5 C to L Derek Wyatt
Stafford 10.8 C to L David Kidney
Stevenage 13.9 C to L Barbara Follett
Stirling 7.8 C to L Anne McGuire
Stockton South 15.8 C to L Dari Taylor
Stourbridge 11 C to L Debra Shipley
Stroud 10.8 C to L David Drew
Swindon South 14.6 C to L Julia Drown
Tamworth 12.6 C to L Brian Jenkins
Thanet South 15 C to L Dr Steven Ladyman
Tynemouth 14.2 C to L Alan Cambell
Upminster 15.4 C to L Keith Darvill
Vale of Clwyd 13.9 C to L Chris Ruane
Wansdyke 14.4 C to L Dan Norris
Warrington South 12.3 C to L Helen Southworth
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