Seats gained by the Liberal Democrats - general election May 1997

30 seats gained
30 from the Conservatives

Seats gained by Labour

Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine 8.3 C to LD Sir Robert Smith
Brecon & Radnorshire 6.1 C to LD Richard Livsey
Carshalton & Wallington 11.8 C to LD Thomas Brake
Colchester 6.2 C to LD Bob Russell
Cornwall South East 12.1 C to LD Colin Breed
Devon West & Torridge 4.4 C to LD John Burnett
Eastleigh 11.3 C to LD David Chidgey
Edinburgh West 11.8 C to LD Donald Gorrie
Gordon 18.7 C to LD Malcolm Bruce
Harrowgate & Knaresborough 15.8 C to LD Phil Willis
Hazel Grove 12.8 C to LD Andrew Stunell
Hereford 9.2 C to LD Paul Keetch
Isle of Wight 5.5 C to LD Dr Peter Brand
Kingston & Surbiton 13.6 C to LD Edward Davey
Lewes 7.4 C to LD Norman Baker
Newbury 16.9 C to LD David Rendall
Northavon 10.4 C to LD Prof. Stephen Webb
Oxford West & Abingdon 10.3 C to LD Dr Evan Harris
Portsmouth South 4.4 C to LD Mike Hancock
Richmond Park 9.7 C to LD Dr Jenny Tongue
St Ives 8.1 C to LD Andrew George
Sheffield Hallam 18.5 C to LD Richard Allan
Somerton & Frome 3.7 C to LD David Heath
Southport 8.8 C to LD Ronnie Fearn
Sutton & Cheam 12.9 C to LD Paul Burstow
Taunton 4.6 C to LD Jackie Ballard
Torbay 5.1 C to LD Adrian Sanders
Twickenham 8.8 C to LD Dr Vincent Cable
Weston - Super - Mare 6 C to LD Brian Cotter
Winchester* 7.4 C to LD Mark Oaten
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