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Tory leadership contest 2003

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On 29th October 2003, Iain Duncan Smith lost a confidence motion of Conservative MPs, 90 votes to 75. Nominations for party leader closed on November 6th and Michael Howard, as sole nominee, was confirmed as leader by the 1922 backbench committee. The Conservative party membership were not given the opportunity of a ballot.

The table below shows how Mr Duncan Smith was himself elected, in September 2001.
Candidate 1st Ballot 2nd Ballot 3rd Ballot Final Ballot
Kenneth Clarke 36 39 59 100,864
Iain Duncan-Smith 39 42 54 155,933
Michael Portillo 49 50 53  
David Davis 21 18    
Michael Ancram 21 17    
The final ballot closed on 11th September 2001. 
Of the 328,000 Conservative party members, 79% voted.
In an announcement delayed by the attacks on the US, Iain Duncan Smith was declared winner of the contest on 13/9/01. He received 61% and Kenneth Clarke 39% of the final ballot of Conservative party members. Only Tory MPs voted in the first three ballots. 
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